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Dispelling Boarding Myths

Holiday Barn Pet Resorts has been a part of the Richmond community for more than 45 years. It’s impossible to stay in business that long by having bad business ethics and client care. We work hard to make sure our guests are safe and healthy. Because of our efforts, we maintain a wonderful customer base…. Read more »

Dogs that are “Special”

I was reading about an article the other day about a dog who was born with no front legs. He hopped around like a little kangaroo. I looked at his sweet little happy face and realized that he had no idea he had a “disability”. He was just living his life to its fullest, having… Read more »

Canine Cancer

During our long history at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, we have seen many of our beloved guests stricken with cancer, some at a very young age. It is so disheartening. Years ago, we would hear of the prognosis and then never see the dog again, as his parents often pulled him out of camp or… Read more »

Service Dog “ImPAWsters”

Just recently I was chatting with an employee of an exclusive resort we were visiting, and I mentioned that I wished there were dog-friendly rooms available. He said, “Oh that’s easy… Just register your dog online as an emotional support animal and you can take him with you anywhere… That’s what I did!” Can you… Read more »

Common Fall Allergies in Dogs

Every fall, I start sniffling and sneezing around the middle of August and continue right on through October. Hay fever, they call it. I call it miserable. It’s because this is the time of year when Ragweed is at its peak. Oh, there are other things that cause allergic reactions in the fall, but Ragweed… Read more »

To Chew or Not to Chew

Here’s an understatement… dogs are big chewers. It’s instinctive, and it’s pleasurable for them. We’re happy because it’s good for their teeth and gums and it gives them something to do when you’ve no time to play…  And they love it! It’s good to provide your dog with something to chew, but it’s overwhelming when… Read more »

Stopping Poo-lution

Probably the worst thing about having a dog is having to pick up their smelly piles of doo-doo. At Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, picking up and disposing of poop is no biggie…you get used to it. But some people are totally grossed out by it. Some even refuse to do it. It’s so annoying to… Read more »

The Dangers of Carrying Your Small Dog

My last dog had IVDD, Intervertebral Disc Disease, a condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column either bulge or burst (herniate) into the spinal cord space. As she was too old for surgery, conservative treatment for IVDD was to do whatever we could do to keep pressure off of her neck… Read more »

5 Stages of Handler Aggression

By Holiday Barn Pet Resorts Professional Dog Trainers, Jeff Postle and Schylar Postle Handler aggression is a term used to describe dogs that have learned to use aggression to stop pet owners and various pet professionals from asking things from them that they simply don’t like, or deem as unfair. Most of the time these… Read more »

So You Want to be a Groomer

True or false: to be a successful Groomer, all you really need to do is love dogs? Answer: contrary to popular belief, the answer is false! Ask yourself these questions: How do you feel after being on your feet all day? Do you have a strong back? Do you have the patience of Job? Are you… Read more »