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Dear Holiday Barn Customer, All of us at Holiday Barn hope that you and your pets are enjoying a fun…

Dear Holiday Barn Customer,

All of us at Holiday Barn hope that you and your pets are enjoying a fun summer. It’s time to play together and time for vacations!

Over the last several months there have been more documented cases of canine influenza in our community, affecting dogs who visit dog parks, play groups, humane shelters, groom shops, boarding facilities, etc. Fortunately, at the time I write this message to you, we have not experienced any tested cases of canine influenza at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts. We have only had a handful of upper respiratory illnesses in 2023.

We are optimistic that we can continue to maintain this success, but at the same time we need to be proactive in letting you know what our course of action will be if we begin to experience cases of canine influenza, either H3N2 or H3N8. Both are highly infectious, can travel from dog to dog easily, and can pose very challenging symptoms for your dog. See our blog on upper respiratory illnesses.

In the event that we do have confirmed cases of canine influenza at either of our locations, we will not be able to provide any of our dog services for dogs that are not fully vaccinated for both strains of canine influenza and we will not allow any dogs to visit that have any upper respiratory illness symptoms. If this challenge occurs, we will contact you either through email or by phone call.

Currently, we do know that veterinarians are able to sporadically get the canine flu vaccines. You can continue to check with your vet if you need to get the vaccine for your dog or check with other vets in the community.

Thank you for respecting this health challenge for our dogs,

Michael W. Hughes
Head of the Pack
Holiday Barn Pet Resorts

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