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Dog Daycare

Dog day care is a fun way for dogs to exercise and socialize!

Our Dog Day Care

There are many benefits to our day care program. Your dog will come home tired and happy. Your dog will get quite a bit of exercise. You do not need to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day. Purrrsuing Learning® is another benefit of our day camp. We will let you know how your pet interacts with other dogs and people. Learning about your dog’s socialization skills is the foundation for an excellent human and canine relationship.


To help ensure safety, we ask dogs to pass an orientation. Please make an appointment to bring your dog in for a one-day orientation. Any dogs that have not been to our Doggie Care in 180 days must complete another orientation. All dogs older than 6 months must be spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations (please refer to our Immunization Requirements below). To apply for Dog Day Care, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

Dog Day Care Application


Holiday Barn Day Camp playgrounds feature a luxurious and innovative artificial turf. The grass not only looks fabulous but it will keep your dog clean! Synthetic turf means no dirty paws for Holiday Barn campers!


Our schedule is carefully planned to give our campers the perfect balance between play and rest. We rotate the playgroups so they energetically play with their friends for two hours and then take a much-needed rest for two hours. We arrange playgroups based on arrival time as well as size and temperament. Camp is available seven days a week. Please call to make an appointment.

Monday – Friday – 7:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday –  7:00AM to 6:00PM
Sunday – 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Dog Enrichment

Our Enrichment Program stimulates dog’s brains and satisfies their natural desire to think and process new situations.  We offer Enrichment Group for dogs enrolled in Dog Day Care as well as Enrichment One-On-One activities for dogs visiting us for Boarding, Staycation, Grooming and Dog Training. Our specially-trained counselors will choose from from a customized assortment of puzzles, games and challenges that stimulates dog’s brains, provides an appropriate level of exercise and strengthens the human pet bond.

Dog Enrichment Program Details


  • One Day Evaluation: $40
  • Full Day: $38
  • Two Dog Rate:** $70
  • Half Day: $26
  • Full Day for Dogs on Vacation:* $30
  • Half Day for Dogs in Grooming:* $22
  • Half Day for Dogs on Vacation:* $23

*rates in addition to boarding and grooming charges **rate applies if dogs can nap together

Dog Day Care Application

Special Events

Dogs in our Dog Day Care program enjoy special events each month. We take souvenir photos with Santa, serve “cheese” burrito bites for Cinco de Mayo, organize a Valentines card exchange, host a Halloween Party and more! Check out our Events Calendar!

Add Fun Activities!

Add one of our fun activities to your dog’s day care day!

Birthday Parties

Bizzy Bone

Bow Wow Luau

Dog Enrichment

Treadmill Exercise


Make sure all immunizations are current and have your vet fax shot records to (804) 672-7147 for Glen Allen or (804) 794-1664 for Midlothian. Alternatively, you can email scanned shot records to our Glen Allen Reservation Specialist or our Midlothian Reservation Specialist.