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Flu Vaccination Update

Hello Holiday Barn Customer, All of us hope you and your pets are off to a great New Year and…

Hello Holiday Barn Customer,

All of us hope you and your pets are off to a great New Year and looking forward to lots of fun pet
related activities.

Thank you

We appreciate your patience and commitment to our vaccination requirements, specifically the Canine
Influenza vaccines. When I last wrote to you in the fall, we were made aware by one of the pet
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers that they were having to re-develop their combination flu vaccine and it
will be some time into 2023 before they have the new vaccine to offer.

Influenza Vaccine Shortage

Last fall, the other pet Pharmaceutical Manufacturer was still producing and keeping up with demand.
Unfortunately, their production has now fallen behind as well. I talked with their representatives this
week and they are working on replenishing the supply but there will be gaps. I will continue to monitor
the production and update our customer base once they have the supply needed.

Health Challenge for our Community

As you can understand, this is a health challenge for all of us with dogs who are social. I have included a
link to the site which shows the current outbreaks, flu strains that have been identified and
high-risk zones.

Dog flu is a very serious virus. Morbidity, or the number of dogs affected, is extremely high. Even
scarier, is the risk of mortality. Long-term health effects can be a challenge as well, so we all need to be
respectful of the virus.

Short-Term Holiday Barn Vaccination Policy

We realize at Holiday Barn that you may not be able to get your dog vaccinated with specifically the flu
vaccines; and until that shortage is replenished, we will accept your dog without that vaccine being up-to-date. Please do not stop asking your vet for the vaccine as not all vets have exhausted their supply.

Please be Vigilant

FOR THE SHORT TERM, we need you to stay vigilant in watching for signs of illness in your dog, especially
if your dog socializes with any other dogs outside of your family.

If you observe your dog(s) sneezing, coughing, experiencing nasal discharge, lack of appetite, or
lethargy, please do not socialize your dog or take it to a pet facility until it has been cleared by your
veterinarian. Those symptoms can be caused by many different illnesses – common cold, Bordetella,
flu, allergies, etc. But they must be respected and addressed so that other dogs do not become sick.

We will continue to remain vigilant in our observations of visiting dogs. If we see any signs of illness, we will remove the dog from our general population, contact you, and get the dog to a vet for treatment if needed. Please keep in mind that there is no pre-test for flu; we all must react to symptoms as soon as they are present.

Thank you for your patience and respect of the challenge,

Michael Hughes

Head of the Pack, Holiday Barn Pet Resorts

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