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Our Pack

Our team of highly trained professionals are excited to care for your dog while you’re away!

Meet The Pack

You can rest assured that our pack is dedicated to caring for your pet with compawssion® and competence. Our selective hiring process finds pack members who align with our mission of Creating Joy In the Lives of Pets and Their Families©. Once on board, we begin our training process which capitalizes on nearly a half century of pet care experience. Additionally, many members of our pack have achieved pet care certifications such as the PACC certificate, are members of industry organizations including IBPSA and IACP, and attend pet care educational conferences annually. We want you to have peace of mind that your pet will be loved and professionally cared for while in our hands.

Michael Hughes

Head of the Pack

(804) 672-7295 ext. 103
Ryan Bretl

Resort Manager, Glen Allen Resort

(804) 672-2200 ext. 106
Glenda Schroeder

Resort Manager, Midlothian Resort

(804) 794-5400
Dickie Martinson

Dog Trainer, Midlothian Resort

(804) 794-5400
Melaina Russell

Dog Trainer, Glen Allen Resort

(804) 672-2200
Jenna Tarcha

Dog Trainer, Glen Allen Resort

(804) 506-9882
Mary Medina

Pet Care Manager, Midlothian Resort

(804) 794-5400
Sarah Lewis

Dog Day Care Manager, Glen Allen Resort

(804) 672-2200
Lauralee Mcnamara

Customer Experience Manager, Midlothian Resort

Jeff Christensen

Customer Experience Manager, Glen Allen Resort

804 672-2200
Heather Drake

Grooming Manager, Midlothian Resort


Additional Contacts

Barbara Firooz Pack Resources Person (Human Resources) (804)672-7295
Stacey Leber Head Kibble Counter, Pack HQ (804) 672-7295 ext. 119
Tina Pack Social Media Administrator, Pack HQ
Christy Barron Community Relations and Promotions Coordinator (804) 672-7295 x 308
Martha Prideaux Marketing Director, Pack HQ (804) 672-7295 x 308
Katie Virgin Procurement & Pack Resources (804) 672-7295
Dawn Lawyer Director of Planning & Analysis, Pack HQ (804) 672-7295 ext. 121