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Proper Potty Walks

I see this all the time… and I’m sure you do too. People out walking their dogs, and their dogs…

Proper Potty Walk

I see this all the time… and I’m sure you do too. People out walking their dogs, and their dogs are desperately trying to stop to “do their business” but their walker doesn’t realize it. The poor dog cocks his leg, only to be pulled off-balance by the leash. Or he has to drop a dooty on the sidewalk as he continues on his walk because he isn’t given time to squat. All the while, the dog’s feet are continuously moving, trying to find a comfortable spot.

It takes TIME

Sometimes we hear, “I take him for a walk, but then he comes home and pees on the floor… I just don’t understand.” I can’t help but wonder if the dog has been given a proper potty walk, with adequate time do his business outside. Unless your dog is absolutely desperate and has to relieve himself on the go as above, he is not going to do his business on his walk. And if you’re trying to teach a new puppy proper housebreaking manners, this kind of walk will never work. He cannot learn what he is supposed to do without good instruction and time.

Beyond the obvious benefits of these “business” walks, they also play a vital role in your dog’s mental health. Regular, leisurely walks where your dog is allowed to explore and do its business in a relaxed manner can help alleviate symptoms of dog depression. These walks offer a sense of routine, and they provide opportunities for your dog to engage with their environment, which is essential for their emotional well-being.

It’s also crucial to note that proper potty walks can indirectly contribute to managing a dog’s respiratory allergies. When dogs relieve themselves outdoors, they’re also exposed to various allergens in the environment. Gradual exposure can help some dogs to build tolerance, thus reducing allergic reactions. Additionally, ensuring that your dog is relieving himself outdoors and not indoors helps maintain cleaner indoor air, which is beneficial for dogs with respiratory allergies

Does the whole family know how to properly walk the dog?

The “chore” of walking the dog is often given to the kids or teenagers in the house. Unfortunately, that sometimes equates to dragging the dog around the neighborhood after school in hopes that he relieves himself so he [the kid] won’t get in trouble for not doing his chores. Sure, that’s not always the case… most kids are ultra-caring and considerate of their 4-legged sibling. But you’ve seen it, right? It is our responsibility to make sure our children are conducting a proper, mindful, potty walk.

What’s the difference in a walk and a potty walk?

So let’s talk a minute about walks. There is the exercise walk and then there is a “business” walk. While some walks should be purely for fun and exercise, others are strictly “business related”. Like most parents, I personally mix it up a little… taking my dog first to potty before his exercise walk. You need to make sure your dog knows what is expected of him… are we “going for a walk?”, or are we “going outside [to potty]”? It all starts the same, of course, but communication is key. Be present when walking your dog. Pay attention to his signs and needs. Make sure you let him have a proper potty break.

How to Properly Walk Your Dog on a Leash to go to the Bathroom

Need some instruction on a proper potty walk? Here ya go: Place your dog on a leash and head outside. If you have a particular place along the route (such as a designated poop yard), walk him “purposely” to that spot and loosen up on the leash. Give him your potty command… be it, “go potty”, or whatever. Don’t distract him with chit-chat, just stand still and let him circle and sniff. Don’t rush him. If he is there for too long of a time period (be reasonable!), you can give a light tug on the leash and tell him to “hurry”. If he still doesn’t go, walk him to another area of the potty yard and stop. Again, loosen up on the leash and give him some time and some space. He may need 5 – 10 minutes to get comfortable enough to pee or poo. When he finally does the deed, praise him.

He’s worth it, right?

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