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Mom and Dad have been talking for weeks about going to the beach…. It’s “Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen……

Bailey's Spring Break
Mom and Dad have been talking for weeks about going to the beach…. It’s “Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen… We need to take those fold-up lawn-chairs …. Has anyone seen my purple flip flops?” etc.  But not once did I hear, “Don’t forget Bailey’s doggles….Make sure we pack Bailey’s travel water bowl… Has anyone seen Bailey’s mermaid collar?” So I was concerned that maybe they forgot about me. I bounced around beside their suitcases, I did figure-8’s at their feet, I stood by the car door whenever they let me outside, but they didn’t seem to get the hint. And then I heard it…” blah..blah..blah.. Holiday Barn…blah..blah”. Yay!!! I’m going to Holiday Barn Pet Resorts on Spring Break!

So, when I got to the ‘Barn…

By the time we pull into the entrance at Holiday Barn, I am fit to be tied! The first person I see when I go through the door is my old trainer, Schylar… I mean, she’s not old… but she trained me when I was just a young pup… the most EXCITING weeks of my life! She says my name and smiles and I can’t wait to give her a kiss (but no jumping…she would hate that). Then I see Dan. Hes’s the one who makes it all happen. Dan says, “Hi Bailey! Welcome back!” and I start that bouncing thing again… I can’t help myself. Mom and Dad are talking with Melaina while I’m taking in all the sights and sounds…and sniffing the dog next to me. He’s nice. Maybe we can play together at Camp. I hear Mom telling Melaina, “Blah blah blah, Camp… blah blah blah Bizzy Bone… blah snacks… Did someone say snacks?.. blah blah Triple Play… Bath” This is gonna be awesome….but I could’ve done without the bath part.

Settling in for my stay at Holiday Barn

Kristen steps in the door and my tail starts wagging… I love her. She takes my leash and leads me to my room. Oh… Bye Mom and Dad.. Wow, my room is really nice… oooh…my favorite show is on TV… the one where that nice man turns bad dogs into good dogs. I love jumping up to get in my bed. “Put that blanket on my bed, Kristen… yeah, and that toy can go in the bed too… and if you don’t mind, make sure my food bowl gets left out.…I like to snack.. and oh, put those treats in my mailbox so anyone that comes by will give me one.” Am I supposed to tip her…oops, I don’t have any pockets… Oh well… Extra kisses for Kristen!

My first day!

I slept like a puppy that night… My room was quiet, my belly was full, and I felt safe. The next day was like Christmas morning! I couldn’t wait to get my day started. After breakfast, I listened to the voices in the hallway and then I heard her… Mary Grace! She came to my door and squealed my name…then got down on her knees and gave me lots hugs and kisses! She’s my favorite. She took me to Camp and I’m in Liz‘s yard… Yay! Liz is so much fun. I made so many new friends at Camp. We had a blast.

Play, play, play…

The next day Roy came and took me outside to play. He threw a tennis ball and I ran to get it… then he and I sat in the sun and he rubbed my belly. Roy came to see me and take me out to play 3 times that day! I had a Bizzy Bone full of potatoes and carrots that evening… it was delicious… but I fell asleep while chewing it. I had such sweet dreams of all the fun I had had that day.

The next few days flew by. Every other day I went to Camp and played with my new friends, and on alternate days, I’d go outside and play with Roy or Abby (I’m her favorite… I’m sure of it) or somebody… and I always managed to talk them into a belly rub. I’ve been watching a bunch of dogs swimming in a big blue hole in the ground filled with water.   I’m a little scared of the water, but maybe I’ll talk Mom into letting me try it next time.  It looks like it might be a lot of fun!

And oh, the bath? Don’t tell Mom, but it felt really good.  Criston gave me treats and took me outside to play fetch for a while.  I love her.  And I am looking really spiffy – and feeling really nice – for when Mom and Dad come pick me up!

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