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Dog Enrichment

Mental stimulation is the key to a happy and healthy dog.

Dog Enrichment Services For Happier, Smarter Pets

Dogs have complex brains and they instinctively crave new activities, experiences, environments and mental challenges.  At Holiday Barn, we offer dog enrichment activities in conjunction with all of our dog services:  Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Dog Staycation, Dog Grooming and Dog Training.


Why Enrichment?

Dogs are sensory animals. They love to explore, smell new things and have different experiences. Many dogs, though well-loved and cared for, have set routines and do the same thing day after day. This may lead to boredom which can manifest as lethargy or undesirable behavior. Our Enrichment Program stimulates dog’s brains and satisfies their natural desire to think and process new situations. Read our blog to learn more!

What is Enrichment?

Our Enrichment Program is a customized assortment of puzzles, games and challenges that stimulates dog’s brains, provides an appropriate level of exercise and strengthens the human pet bond. Our specially-trained counselors will choose from activities such as puzzle toys, hurdles, flirt poles, climb mats, hula hoops, bubbles, snuffle mats, simple tricks, & more. Hand-selecting these activities will help to ensure that the mental and physical challenges are an excellent match for your dog. Watch our Enrichment video.

Enrichment One-On-One

Enrichment One-on-One is the perfect schedule addition for dogs on Vacation or Staycation, visiting our Spa or enrolled in our Training Program.

Feisty Fido
2 Enrichment Sessions and Puzzle Toy $40
Enlightened Canine
1 Enrichment Session & Treat Dispenser Toy $22
A La Carte*
Puzzle Toy or Snuffle Mat $6
Interactive Treat Dispenser Toy $6
One-on-One Enrichment Session $18
*Rates are in addition to Boarding, Staycation, or Grooming rates.

Enrichment Group

Enrichment Group is for dogs enrolled in Dog Day Care. Your counselor will hand select up to two of your dog’s best day care friends with similar temperaments and athletic abilities.

1 Enrichment Session while at Dog Day Care $18
2 Enrichment Sessions while at Dog Day Care $34
Puzzle Toy or Snuffle Mat $6
Interactive Treat Dispenser Toy $6
*Rates are in addition to dog Day Care rates.