Bogart’s Build-Up

Bogart hits the trail as he finishes his training for the Richmond SPCA Dog Jog and 5K run that benefited homeless pets in RVA!

Bogart headed out with some friends for a Pack Walk to celebrate his hard work and dedication. It’s always easier to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle when you have friends to encourage you!

Dog Pack Walk Dog Pack Walk Doggie Pack Walk

After many hours of hard dog training in Richmond, VA, Bogart treated himself to some delicious snacks at Three Dog Bakery at Stony Point Fashion Park! Head over to the Holiday Barn blog to learn more about the ingredients to look for and which ones to avoid when choosing healthy treats for your dog.

Bogart at 3 Dog Bakery

Watch as Bogart takes on swimming laps at Alpha Dog Club in Richmond, VA!

“Train hard now and live the rest of your life as a champion” – Muhammad Ali


Meet Bogart aka “Big Squishy”. This loveable lug is a happy yet hefty 123 pound Bullmastiff who’s a total goofball and doesn’t take anything too seriously – often living by the hakuna matata mentality.

Bogart has two loves in this world: bananas and his “friend” Isis the cat, who is 6 pounds of pure intimidation (it’s more of a one-sided relationship at the moment, but Bogart is hoping to change that very soon.)

This year, Bogart took part in the 12th Annual Richmond SPCA Dog Jog & 5K Run to benefit homeless pets in our area. Follow Bogart on his inspirational journey to better health – watch as he conquers treadmill running, swimming laps in the pool, backpacking through the woods, and much more.

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