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Safety for Pets and People at Holiday Barn

Here at Holiday Barn, we have enjoyed taking care of pets for a very long time. This year (2016) we are…

The Rule of 3
Here at Holiday Barn, we have enjoyed taking care of pets for a very long time. This year (2016) we are celebrating our family’s 44th year in the pet business. Along the way we have learned much about pet welfare, and how to provide the best experiences for pets in our care.

No Breed Restrictions

During the years that Holiday Barn has been in business, we have seen several breeds managed incorrectly. As a result these dogs have acted dangerously or aggressively and society has put certain breed bans or regulations in place to better ensure safety. The real problem is irresponsible dog owners. At Holiday Barn we know that any breed, regardless of genetics, can become aggressive or dangerous if improperly handled or treated.

What is the Rule of 3?

In order to keep our business safer for our “Pack”, our customers and pets, several years ago we established our “Rule of 3”. Simply stated, it says that at least 3 of our employees have to be able to handle and trust a pet in our care at all times. Many of our employees have years of handling experience, but just because we can handle a pet doesn’t mean that we can trust it. If we were to allow aggressive, or pets that are known to bite, we would be putting our employees and the welfare of the aggressive pet, at risk! As a responsible employer we do not want to subject any of our employees to any unnecessary risk. At the same time, we always want to be able to handle a pet especially if it becomes sick or injured. If a pet is aggressive or dangerous, we run the risk of not being able to get them the medical attention they may need. Therefore, at Holiday Barn we don’t practice breed restrictions, we practice responsible selection of the pets we care for.

Work with an Experienced Dog Trainer

If you have a pet that you are concerned about or you are considering bringing a dog into your family; do your homework. Work with a trainer that understands how obedience lines up with your lifestyle with a dog. If you have a dog that has shown aggressive tendencies, get involved with a trainer experienced with those challenges. We have highly experienced trainers at Holiday Barn who can be a resource for training or that can help you find a better solution.

Concerns about Dog or Cat Boarding?

Also, if you have a pet you are concerned about in a boarding or kennel environment; take the time to talk to the Pet Care Manager about your concerns. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to bring the pet in for a visit so that a better decision can be made. If a pet care facility, such as Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, says that your pet is too dangerous to provide housing; don’t give up. Contact a trainer with experience, typically we find that the problem is related to a lack of structure or role confusion at home. Many times, with good structure and consistency the dog can learn what is correct behavior, and become a happy pup around everyone!

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