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In 2010, the Holiday Barn pack learned of National Dress Up Your Pet Day. The January 14th “holiday” was actually…

In 2010, the Holiday Barn pack learned of National Dress Up Your Pet Day. The January 14th “holiday” was actually founded just a year earlier by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Page. The purpose of this day, per Ms. Page, is to celebrate our beloved pet and to support the pet fashion community. As we were thinking about how we could acknowledge this unique holiday, we came up with the Doggy Fashion Show! We wish we could say that the Holiday Barn Fashion Show was an original idea, but dog fashion shows are happening across the United States (and abroad!) in numbers greater than you can imagine!

Dog fashion shows are a huge business! Starting February 7th through the 12th, there are 6 days of dog fashion shows in New York City! This much anticipated week brings people from all around the world looking forward to sharing the love they have for dogs. You have no doubt heard of the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in New York in February. But did you know about the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show for dogs? This is where you can see dogs in tutus and tuxes, not to mention bridal gowns, feather boas, and cocktail dresses!

“Dressing dogs up is a natural extension of our love for them, whether in apparel or just a fancy collar. It gives us pleasure and solidifies that they really are our fur babies…” muses pet fashion designer Lucy Medeiros of Montreal. Parading them down the runway creates a thrill and excitement everyone must experience! Nothing says “I’m special” like a well dressed dog! And they love the extra attention!

Many top fashion designers have ventured into the dog fashion business. The dog clothing industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries, so much so that designers from all around the world flock to the designer dog clothing market to add their style and flair to dog clothing….as well as adding an additional line of income.

Whereas the fashion design is questionable at best, and the models are truly amateur, we hope that you will join us next year for our FOURTH Annual Holiday Barn Doggy Fashion Show! It will be the social event of the season… well, it will be super fun anyway!!

Dog Fun


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Dog Fun



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Dog Fun


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