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By Amanda Nepomuceno Have you ever had to spend quality time with a child who consumed lots candy and soda?…

By Amanda Nepomuceno
Have you ever had to spend quality time with a child who consumed lots candy and soda? That child may be hyper or not able to focus and could have some long term health issues. People are becoming increasingly aware that certain dietary preservatives and synthetic chemicals pose significant health hazards and can negatively affect their overall well-being. Now, wrap that same thought around a pet that eats a food containing artificial fillers and preservatives, meat by-products, and high amounts of bone ash.

Many recent studies have shown that a pet’s diet may directly affect its behavior. When a customer presents me with a dog that has behavioral issues (anxiety, possessiveness, etc.) I always ask what brand of food they feed. More often than not, it is a low quality food. In addition to training we recommend most dogs be switched to a high quality food which will aid in the behavioral training process.

With more people understanding the importance of our pets’ nutrition, the natural pet food market is growing rapidly and high quality foods are increasingly available. Being natural and free of additives is not enough these days. You must learn to critically evaluate labels to ensure you select the highest quality food for your pet.

Learning to read and decipher pet food labels takes time, but will arm you with information you need to pick the best diet for your pet. You will know what your pet is –and is not- eating. Choosing high quality ingredients and avoiding unnecessary fillers and artificial preservatives and other harmful ingredients is the first step to helping your pet achieve their peak physical, mental, and emotional health.

Just remember – good food aids in so much, including good behavior!

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