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All night long I had been itching and scratching…my leg making that awful thumping sound on the carpet that makes…

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All night long I had been itching and scratching…my leg making that awful thumping sound on the carpet that makes Dad so mad. I dodged a pillow at one point… but I just couldn’t help it… I was miserable! And oh my goodness… what is that SMELL?!? Oh, I think it’s me…. When I saw Mom covering the back seat of the car with my blanket the next morning, I knew I was heading to the Holiday Barn Spa. Ahhhhh…relief is on the way!

I can’t wait to see my groomer! She talks to me all day when I visit…she gives me treats and rubs my belly. I love her. Anyway, I say good-bye to mom in the lobby and head straight back to the bathtub room! I hear a high-pitched, “It’s Zoey!!” and Miss Groomer and all the other people in long aprons and boots start making a fuss over me while I wag my WHOLE BODY! They make me feel so special!

All good things must come to an end…that’s when Miss Groomer lifts me up and puts me right in the tub. My ears go down…. I’m not too crazy about the whole bath thing, but I’m willing to tolerate it because it makes me feel so good afterwards. She wets me down and puts some really good smelling oatmeal soap on me… Then she rubs and massages it all over while I do some bathtub yoga… “…a little to the right.. yeah… that’s the spot..”! Then she takes this hose thing and the water comes out nice and warm and she runs it all over my itchy body…. O. M. G… It feels divine! After a conditioning treatment and a good ear cleaning, I take a little nap while this blower thing gently blows air through my hair… Kind of like when I hang my head out the car window…only better!

I wake up when Miss Groomer comes to get me. After a short potty walk, she takes me in this other room and puts me on a table. She proceeds to “oooh” and “ahhh” over me… I love that. First things first: NAIL TRIM! Uggg… although it’s a wonder I didn’t wear them down by scratching these past few nights. I don’t care much for a nail trim… so I give Miss Groomer a little growl just to let her know. She says, “Oh, Zoey, you know you have to get your nails done”! Why do I even bother? Then Miss Groomer trims all the hair out of my eyes and between my toes…she even makes a little path on my hiney so that I don’t get my fur soiled when I go potty! Then she gives me an awesome new haircut and puts a pretty pink butterfly bandana on me!! Everyone passing peeks through the window and sighs, “Awwww….how CUTE”! I feel like a celebrity! Then Miss Groomer squirts me with this smelly stuff…smells kind-of fruity! I look and feel FABULOUS!! We go on another potty walk, have some fresh water and a couple of treats and then I lay down for another nice, peaceful (no scratching!) nap before Mom comes back to get me.

Mom is going to go CRAZY when she sees me! It’s a little embarrassing… In fact, all the ladies in the lobby squeal when I come strutting into the lobby! Mom takes me in her arms and tells me HOW CUTE I look and HOW GOOD I SMELL! Then she leaves a big pink kiss print on my newly coiffed “do”. If she only knew HOW MUCH BETTER I feel too! I really love coming to the Holiday Barn spa!

The best part is that tonight I’ll get to sleep on the big bed and cuddle with Mommy!!

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