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By Melanie Benware One of the most common calls we get for training is from an owner who has a…

By Melanie Benware
One of the most common calls we get for training is from an owner who has a dog that will not come when called. Teaching a reliable recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog. Not only could it save their life one day but imagine being able to trust your dog without a leash and feel confident that he will not run off.

This time of year we are all heading to the lake with friends, spending weekends at the beach, hanging out at the river, or even working in the front yard. Wouldn’t you love to let your dog off leash to swim or play, knowing he will not run off or dart into the road? Maybe you have aspirations of doing Agility with your dog. Being able to trust her and work together off leash is a vital part of a successful Agility team.

The main goal of our training programs is to help your dog become that well-mannered best friend you want him to be. That includes taking your pup to the river, mountains, biking and all the other fun activities you enjoy! Your dog should be able to join you and your family on all your adventures! Whether you live in the country and need your dog to be off leash reliable every day, or you are a city dweller that likes to back pack on the weekends, being able to trust your dog off leash is an unbelievable experience.

Let us help! Put your mind at ease and unleash your dog’s full potential in Holiday Barn’s Off Leash Program!

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