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Your PAW-fect Wedding!

Ahhh… Your perfect June wedding… white lace, fresh flowers, dainty pearls and sparkling diamonds, champagne, poop bags, pretty table…. Uh……

Your Paw-fect Wedding
Ahhh… Your perfect June wedding… white lace, fresh flowers, dainty pearls and sparkling diamonds, champagne, poop bags, pretty table…. Uh… what? Yes, that’s right – poop bags! Our little furry friends are so much a part of our life. They were probably there when you met your fiancé…. with you on a few dates… between the both of you on the couch (right?), so you just can’t imagine getting married without including your little buddy! Why not have him/her in your wedding? That being said, you gotta have poop bags!

Pets in weddings are a big deal these days! Instead of taking their dogs to doggie day care,  many people have chosen to make their best friend an integral part of the festivities… as a groomsman, a flower-dog, ring-bearer, a greeter, or even a bridesmaid. Why not? It’s all very possible, however, you should make sure your pet is suited for this type of festivity or your wedding could end up being far from fairy-“tail” perfect!

Basic Obedience Dogs Need for Weddings

Your Paw-fect WeddingOur Trainer, Amanda, knows a thing or two about including your dogs in a wedding as she had all 4 of her dogs in her wedding! She says, first and foremost, “Your dog must know how to walk well on a leash (loose leash, by your side), and he/she needs to be well-socialized and accustomed to walking in crowds.” These basic disciplines are imperative. A dog pulling, straining, or choking itself down the aisle with his escort in-tow is not a pretty picture. Likewise, if your dog becomes overstimulated or nervous in crowds (remember the family Christmas fiasco?), he may not perform well in a ceremony.

Your Paw-fect Wedding

Designate a Handler for Your Dog

Secondly, a “handler”, whether it be a Trainer, or a friend, is imperative. Amanda was instrumental in walking a dog down the aisle in her friend’s wedding too. This capable handler should not only be able to control the dog, but he/she should take full responsibility for the dog as you will not have time to do so. This person should make sure your dog relieves itself before the ceremony, has plenty of water, is “dressed” appropriately (if costumes are used), he/she must be prepared for “accidents”, and must see to it that Fido is whisked away to a quiet area prior to the reception. Amanda had each of her dogs escorted by a bridesmaid… isn’t that a great idea? If you choose to do the same, someone should be appointed to take care of all of the other doggie responsibilities before and after the ceremony.

Training for Dogs in Weddings

So your dog is rambunctious and rowdy and you fear there is no place for him in the wedding? There is hope! Are you planning a trip down the aisle in the next year or so? Our Trainers, Amanda and Schylar can help you get your dog ceremony-ready. Give them a call and they will create a training protocol to suit your needs. If your wedding is just around the corner, there are other last-minute ways you can pay tribute to your little guy. Have a beautiful framed picture of you as a couple with your pet at the reception area. Have your baker sneak in a little canine replica as part of your cake topper! If your venue allows it, maybe he can hang-out with you and your bridesmaids while you are getting ready…and be sure to get a few pictures! If at all possible, try to include your dog(s) in your professional wedding photographs.

Oh… and don’t forget to take him/her to the Holiday Barn spa just before the big event! We’ll fluff -n- buff him so he looks and smells divine!Your Paw-fect Wedding

Two rules for having pets in your wedding: 1) Keep a sense of humor, and 2) Expect the unexpected! Regardless of what happens, your little buddy will definitely make for a “memorable” occasion!

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