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Getting a new puppy is always an exciting time. Whether it’s your first dog or your twenty-first, please remember these…

Getting a new puppy is always an exciting time. Whether it’s your first dog or your twenty-first, please remember these commonly overlooked issues before your bring that new puppy home!

1) Realistically anticipate the amount of responsibility involved!

Many dogs are in shelters today because the new owners just did not realize how much work having a pet can be! Make sure you understand the amount of responsibility you are taking on. Your new dog is another member of your family who has his/her own set of needs: Playtime, walks, medical attention, grooming, feeding, supplies (bedding, treats, collar, etc.), and of course, lots of love. If you decide to get a dog, please commit to it, even when it gets tough. Dogs are living, loving animals who deserve the same amount of love and loyalty that they give you.

2) Remember the importance of Socialization.

Make sure your puppy has plenty of interaction with other dogs, children, and adults. Try to make the experience a positive, somewhat playful time, so your pet remembers that other dogs and humans are fun. Dogs without proper socialization can develop behavior issues as a result. Socializing your dog so that he is able to fit better in your lifestyle will benefit you both for years to come.

3) Training is essential.

Having your dog professionally trained is invaluable. You will learn how to relate and “connect” to your dog and more importantly, how to communicate the behavior you desire. Dog training can be lots of fun and you too will learn a lot in the process.*

Avoid these three pitfalls and you and your new friend will be off to a great start!

*Please contact our Professional Trainers for help with your new puppy: Melanie Benware at, or Amanda Nepomuceno at!

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