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Checklist for the Perfect Canine Companion?

_____ Happy _____ Family friendly _____ Sweet, easy-going disposition _____ Compact size _____ Easy to groom _____ Energetic _____ Outgoing…



_____ Happy
_____ Family friendly
_____ Sweet, easy-going disposition
_____ Compact size
_____ Easy to groom
_____ Energetic
_____ Outgoing
_____ Gentle
_____ Social
_____ Lovable
_____ Gets along well with other dogs
_____ Loyal

Say no more… You need a Beagle!

Unfortunately, Animal Shelters are always FULL of beagles and hound mixes. Some of these dogs have gotten lost, but many are actually abandoned intentionally – to no fault of their own. Beagles and hounds that do not hunt well, are injured, ill, or are seniors, are the ones usually found as strays and turned into county shelters. But the good news is, YOU can adopt them!

Barkin’ and Bayin’

Many dog-shoppers overlook the beautiful, soulful eyes of a beagle in a shelter because of stereotypical behavior. “Yeah, they’re very cute, but I just can’t stand the howling.” That’s the response you often hear. Holiday Barn pack member, Tina, has owned four Beagles in her past and says that baying or howling was never a problem. “Beagles are just like any other dog. There may be some instinctive behaviors you need to correct…. Two of my beagles would certainly howl if a stranger came around, but it was not continual or annoying, and they would quit upon command.”

Pack Mentality = Great Family Dog

Beagles have a strong desire to be part of a pack, which makes them a great family dog. They become very attached to other members of the family, as well as other pets. They are gentle and playful with children. Their smaller size makes them less intimidating to little folks.

If They Don’t Get Their Exercise, They Can Turn into Biscuit Hounds

Although their compact size makes them perfect for apartment dwelling, exercise is a must. These dogs were bred to hunt and like to stay busy. Long walks and trips to Doggy Day care is imperative. Beagles are also known for plumping up if unexercised or bored.

Trainability of Hounds

Although they can be stubborn at times, beagles are very trainable. Beagles are being used in Airports as bomb and drug dogs because of their compact size, eagerness to learn and friendly attitude. Their non-threatening appearance and happy attitude make them easier to move through crowds without intimidating people. They are also the number one dog used for bed bug and termite detection… their strong sense of smell and small stature make them the perfect dog to go into small spaces in search of “critters”. Former Holiday Barn trainer, Melanie Benware, says that “A Beagle should not be overlooked. Yes, they require training, but all dogs do. It is actually the breed I recommended my mother adopt when she was looking for a new companion. She is getting older, lives in an apartment and wanted a happy, smaller, low maintenance dog that would join her on her daily walks…. that IS a Beagle.”

Take a good look at the Beagles and hound breeds the next time you visit a shelter. These amazingly adorable dogs have a naturally happy and loving temperament and make wonderful companions. Need more convincing? Go see the movie “SHILOH”!


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