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Booty Scootin’ Boogie

So you’re sitting there with your friends admiring the near perfect qualities of your precious little shiz tzu when, to…

why do dogs scoot their butt
So you’re sitting there with your friends admiring the near perfect qualities of your precious little shiz tzu when, to your chagrin, she begins dragging her tiny, well coiffured, derriere across your carpet. You gasp in utter horror as your friends shield their eyes in shame and disgust… Well, okay, that may be a little dramatic, but hey, it’s embarrassing nonetheless.

Not only is it embarrassing (and unhygienic for your carpet), but your little princess could have some issues that demand your attention. Or, she could just have an itchy hiney!

Let’s take an appraisal

  • Have you noticed any foul odor coming from your dog’s booty (or maybe you weren’t sure where the odor was coming from)?
  • Has your dog made an attempt to lick the anal area…perhaps even desperately?
  • Could your dog have fleas? Fleas love to head to your dog’s tail area – out of reach of his biting/scratching.
  • Was he recently groomed? Dogs who are frequently groomed are sometimes prone to irritation.
  • Has he had diarrhea recently? Diarrhea can be irritating to the area as well.

Your dog could be dragging his bottom for many reasons, some of which can be remedied easily by you. Others need to be looked at by your veterinarian. Being able to answer these questions will help you and your vet to determine the problem.

Medical Advice

Dr. Samantha Tisnado, Veterinarian and partner at John Rolfe Animal Hospital, states:
“Many dog owners don’t know that dogs have scent glands that naturally mark their territory every time they take a bathroom break. These glands can become overly full or impacted, and this can cause discomfort and scooting behaviors. Dietary issues (food allergies, not enough fiber, too much fiber) can contribute to this problem. But for many pups, booty scooting is simply just a good way to itch a part of the body that is difficult to reach otherwise. If your dog scoots excessively, or seems uncomfortable, you contact your veterinarian.”

An itchy bum is a miserable thing. Don’t let your little furry friend suffer unnecessarily.

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