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Should I Take My Dog to Dog Camp?

Good Question! There are many factors in-play when deciding to send your dog to Camp. It depends on your dog,…

To Camp or not to Camp
Good Question!

There are many factors in-play when deciding to send your dog to Camp. It depends on your dog, his/her temperament and the Day Camp environment you are taking them to. Let me first explain what we do here at Holiday Barn for camp and why we do it.

Safety is the Top Priority for Dog Day Camp

Dog camp at Holiday Barn is a controlled social environment where each dog is individually evaluated to insure their compatibility with the other dogs and our Day Camp environment. Although some big dogs are great with little dogs and some little dogs are good with big dogs there is a high risk of injury when little dogs are allowed to play with big dogs. So, in order to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy our groups are separated by size and temperament. The number of dogs in each group is also kept small, with an average of 9-11 dogs in each group being supervised by a Camp Counselor. Our yards are smaller in size to reduce the risk of high impact injuries (such as ACL tears) and to help each counselor better manage their group.

At Camp Holiday Barn, we do more than just “baby-sit” your furry children. We follow an operational standard patterned after the Dog Guru’s canine activity center. In addition to play, we provide our guests with learning enrichment activities. Our Campers are taught common manners such as group sits, come-when-called, and how to wait calmly at the gate for their turn to exit. These basic manners ensure safe interaction and control among the campers, and can significantly cut-down on any inappropriate behavior.

A Day of Dog Camp Isn’t Complete Without a Nap

A full day of Camp consists of two hours of play, three hours of rest followed by an additional two hours of play. You may be thinking that 4 hours of play for your energetic young dog will not be enough, but did you know that dogs sleep on average 16 hours a day? I’m sure you have noticed that in the 8 or so hours a day that your dog is awake it is not all at once; they are up for a while, nap, then up again. We have structured our Day Camp environment to replicate the normal sleep cycles of a dog. The three-hour rest in between play sessions allows each dog the opportunity to wind down, relax and recoup before going back out to play again.

Dog Camp Made for Dogs of Every Kind of Personality

Now, is your dog a Day Camp dog? Not all dogs want or need to play in a group environment, and not all dogs can handle the energy of the group dynamic…and that’s okay! It doesn’t mean that your dog is a “bad” dog, it simply means they prefer one-on-one socialization. Here at Holiday Barn, we have a wide variety of activities so that each pet that visits us can have a fun and unique vacation to suit their personality. If you are interested in having your dog evaluated or you think your dog would enjoy the occasional romp with other dogs your first step is to call us and let us get some information about your dog. We can advise you on whether or not your dog should try camp, and what steps you need to take to get set up.

For many dogs, day camp is a wonderful outlet for them to expend some energy, socialize with friends and you get to pick up a happy and TIRED pup at the end of the day!

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