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One of our recent facebook posts shows Campers Nina and Molson delightfully romping and playing, obviously enjoying the other’s company…

Can it be love?

One of our recent facebook posts shows Campers Nina and Molson delightfully romping and playing, obviously enjoying the other’s company and companionship. It is apparent that there is a “connection” between the two… each is displaying a gentleness towards the other, each playfully demonstrating submissiveness and trust. Our Camp manager described them as “falling head over heels” with one another that day!

Is that even possible? Can dogs fall in love with one another?


We KNOW our dogs have feelings… who can deny their pure joy when we come home and they are bouncing all over the house with glee? Who can deny their sadness when we say “no”, or tell them they can’t come with us when we leave? So they feel joy, and they feel sadness…why not love? Of course, they are unable to feel a “romantic” love that a person feels for another, but why not a particular fondness for another dog, or a desire for companionship with a specific dog? Is that so crazy to assume?


If you want to cause an uproar among a group of scientists or behavioral biologists, just bring up the notion of dogs “loving” other beings. Most scientists will not use the word “love” to describe what they believe a dog is feeling… They prefer to call it an “attachment”, or a “bond”. We get in trouble by trying to place human feelings on our dogs. True, they perceive the world differently than we do, but are they not so much more genuine in their feelings than we are? Do they not seem to feel things more purely and intensely than we do? Dogs have been known to mourn when a dog or a person that they have been close to dies or moves away, therefore we know they form very strong attachments. These attachments involve feelings of dependency, understanding and trust. Could it be “love”?


Have you noticed in your dog’s camp report cards that he/she tends to play with one particular dog often? Hmmm… Could it be a budding relationship? This Friday is our Camp Valentine Party and Card exchange. You may want to send a special card to your dog’s “significant other”…

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