3rd Annual Bad Poetry Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries in our 3rd annual poetry contest. Holiday Barn is pleased to announce the winners:

Grand Prize - “The Perfect Dog – Well almost”, submitted by Kacy Plotycia

Runner-Up - “My 2 Dogs”, submitted by Elizabeth Compton

Take a moment to enjoy the poetry talent of our winners and those poets who gave us permission to share their literary work.

Grand Prize Winner

“The Perfect Dog – Well almost”

by Kacy Plotycia

Walking our dog Callahan, 
around our usual loop. 
He’s such a wonderful dog, 
“Hey, don’t eat that cat poop!”

With all the carpets vacuumed, 
I sit down with my coffee mug. 
Where is our sweet dog Callahan? 
“Noooooo, stop raking the rug!”

Watching him always run and romp, 
Zipping by until he’s gone. 
Callahan is so fun to watch, 
“Wait! Don’t poop on the deck, go on the lawn!”

Callahan loves to play and bark, 
at Holiday Barn, there’s no doubt! 
When we get his camp report card, 
they say he’s got “lots to talk about!”

We love our sweet dog, Callahan, 
with all his faults and quirks. 
After all, I’m sure if I was a dog, 
I’d be a real “piece of work”


“My 2 Dogs”

by Elizabeth Compton

I have 2 dogs who share my life; 
Lucy is sweet and causes no strife. 
She’s never been bad or chewed up stuff; 
She listens, obeys, and has never been gruff.

Then there’s the other; Audrey’s her name. 
She’s crazy, and looney, and kinda insane. 
She’s always in trouble or running amok, 
She gets in a pickle and can’t get unstuck.

So one is good, and blonde, and fair; 
The other is wild and has black hair. 
But at the end of the day, when all’s said & done; 
I love BOTH my girls; they’re so much fun!!

“A Good Name for a Good Dog”

by Jim Scott

Our daughter sure isn’t stupid; her 
Selection might have been “Cupid” or 
“Cecil” or “Boice” 
But she made a good choice 
By naming our rescue dog “Jupiter”.


by Morgan Carr

My dogs name is Ash he likes to eat grass; 
He runs very fast and in a race he will never be last 
He’s pretty much blind, but his life is very fine 
He’s the very best, although sometimes he has a jumping fest 
I love him so much, when he is away I miss him a bunch

“Bad Company (My cat Jet)”

by Morgan Carr

I pad into the room on little cat feet 
To terrorize everyone there that I meet 
Don’t expect me to purr 
And don’t touch my fur! 
I don’t sit on laps, 
But take plenty of naps 
I love to hunt mice’ 
Which some think not nice 
I’m bad to the bone 
Just leave me alone 
And don’t even think of “snuggling” with me 
I’m nothing but trouble and bad company

“I’m too sexy for my thong”

by Debra Sullivan

Hi, My name is Monet, and I was pretty bad today 
I was left alone a little too long, and ate my moms favorite thong

I really don’t know why she got so mad, it sorta didn’t fit 
so she should be glad 
there was just too many bulges for a human to see 
So, before I ate it , tried it on 
Guess what, IT LOOKED BETTER ON ME !!!


by Donna Armstrong

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue. 
I have bow legs 
How about you?


by Amanda Nepomuceno

Pickles, Beans, Ziti, Crouton and Tater 
Yup, that’s 5… don’t be a hater ;) 
I’ve even got a turtle, Shelldon’s his name 
He’s a sweet little guy who is very tame 
My husband says I’m crazy for wanting all of these creatures, 
I say he’s silly for not understanding this dog teacher 
But don’t worry, I won’t ask for any more pups 
Although I must say, I do want a hedgehog named Buttercup!

“Our Dog Baxter”

by Noreen Wilkins

Baxter, Baxter he’s our pet 
So we have no need to fret.

Because we know he is our own 
And he will always have a home.

He loves to go to Doggy Daycare 
has a great time, 
and doesn’t want to leave there!

He loves to snore 
and it’s always before 
we want to go to bed!

When we go on vacation, 
We don’t have to worry 
Baxter runs into Holiday 
In such a hurry!!

He entered our lives 9 months ago 
and we would never let him go.

“Play day”

by Roxane Kays

Anytime I can go and play, 
Is a wonderful way to spend the day. 
I can lounge with my friends in the pool, 
Or play with the counselors who are way cool! 
I can run and jump and scamper, 
Cuz I’m a Furrmazing Holiday Barn camper!


by Amanda Nepomuceno

She says “Ewwww, what’s that..?”

He says “Poop, poop.. it comes in all different forms 
From dogs, cats, and creatures with horns

Sometimes it’s solid and sometimes it’s not 
Either way, it’s natural and it happens a lot

Us humans have learned to pick it up 
With baggies, scoopers, and even a cup

Overall, poop happens, oh well, its life!” 
Says the man to his wife.

“Pure Chaos”

by Stephanie Mercado

Our home was so lonely 
Without a single pet, 
When we welcomed Riggo, 
And then we were set.

He was already trained
And so so sweet, 
He listened so well, 
And got lots of treats.

Afraid of his shadow, 
He needed a friend, 
But with such a great dog, 
Who could contend?

And then it was fate 
Or luck at least, 
When I came home from work with Izzy, 
A four pound, short legged beast.

With two dogs 
My schedule was full, 
I barely had time 
For work or school.

We then found Miley 
To guard the new house, 
Turns out, however, 
She’s even afraid of a mouse.

Adorable she was, 
All cute and quiet, 
Until we got her home, 
And she made the other dogs riot.

They bicker like siblings, 
And fight over toys, 
And bark like crazy 
Every time they hear a noise.

Ceasar says to walk, 
That exercise is key, 
But I walk all day, 
And they are still full of energy.

They eat better than I do, 
I can honestly say, 
They should each get jobs, 
And contribute the pay.

I love my fur kids, 
That’s for sure, 
Though I really wish 
They had less fur.

Now my carpet is furry, 
My furniture chewed, 
Do I ever get a break? 
Nope, just puppy attitude.

Oh life with three dogs, 
If only I knew, 
I’d always come home 
To a half eaten shoe or two.

Now don’t get me wrong, 
They may drive me crazy, 
But i love when they snuggle, 
When I am sick or lazy.

Life is certainly interesting, 
But I would not trade one 
Life would not be the same, 
It would not be as fun.

My house is pure chaos, 
But come over, you’ll see, 
You’ll have the time of your life, 
With Riggo, Izzy, and Miley!

“Sixteen Paws”

by Anne Grier

Sixteen paws reside with me 
Which makes for a household filled with glee

There’s Tripp who never misses a chance 
To assert his authority with only a glance

Sweet Spencer, my old fuzzy boy 
Arrived years ago and has filled me with joy

Howard, the Maltese, clings to my lap 
Even when I’m trying to nap!

Finally there’s Fiddler who came from the beach 
My fourth adoption, some called it a “reach”

But life without these four funny dogs 
Would be so dull, I’d be in a fog

And when I travel they’d miss their friends 
At Holiday Barn — the best in puppy vacation trends!