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Getting out of my cozy bed this morning was the last thing I wanted to do… Mom came in and…


Getting out of my cozy bed this morning was the last thing I wanted to do… Mom came in and said, “C’mon Henry, let’s go!” Ugggghh… the last time she did this to me we were going to the vet! I SO dreaded this day..

We got in the car and went for a short ride, and then Mom pulled into the parking lot of this place that kind-of looks like a barn on the outside…not my normal vet, I see… I could smell lots of dogs so I was pretty sure by that time that it was some kind of vet… When we walked in, all the people waiting for us in the lobby called me by name like they knew me! While Mom was talking to the lady at the front desk, no doubt about what vaccination I needed, this really nice lady took my leash and we headed outside! We went into this other building where a bunch of other dogs were waiting. There was happy karma in the room… excitement! Some were barking and jumping up and down…Do these guys actually LIKE to go to the vet, I wondered? What’s going on here?

A few minutes later that nice lady came back in and got me…Oh dear…here it comes… but she was happy and excited so I kind-of got excited too! Nice lady led me outside into a yard where there was way-cool doggie playground equipment! Wow! I sniffed around awhile…keeping a sharp eye out for the vet… and then one by one some of those other dogs came outside! They all came over to greet me and say hello! They were running, jumping and barking… it was SO COOL! The next thing you know, there were a bunch of us dogs about my size and we were ALL playing chase and having the BEST TIME! We jumped in and out of baby pools, chased around poles, played on the slippy-slide… Nice lady played with us too! She kept an eye on all of us, though, so I felt safe in my new environment.

In no time I was just worn out! I laid by some of my new “buds” in the sunshine and we pawed at each other until nice lady took us all back inside that “waiting” building. We each had our very own fresh bowl of cold water and a TREAT waiting for us! No kidding! It was cool and quiet and I actually fell asleep for a while. When I woke up, we all went back outside to play all over again! I completely forgot about the whole vet thing… It was the most fun day ever!

Later that day my Mom came back to get me. Nice lady gave Mom a “report card” and Mom got all excited about how well I did! I couldn’t wait to tell her about my super fun day… but I fell asleep in the back seat of the car. I was dreaming about my next trip to… wherever it was… Mom was calling it “Holiday… something” but it looked like a barn to me.

Fun…fun…happy…happy.… zzzzzzz….

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