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Moving with Your Dog

We are getting ready to move again for the umpteenth time and already I can tell that our nervous energy is rubbing off on Rex. We haven’t even started packing yet but he knows something is up. I’ve noticed he is a little more “jumpy” than usual, and he stays at my feet constantly. It’s… Read more »

Preventing Matting

Have you ever noticed when you bring your dog into the Holiday Barn Pet Resorts Spa, or any Grooming Shop for that matter, that the Groomer or the employee at check-in, rubs her hands all over your dog while discussing options with you? There’s a reason for that, and it’s not affection… although, we always… Read more »

Virginia Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

Did you know that the coldest day on record in Virginia was -30 (yes, that’s “minus” 30) in January 1985?! Yikes! I know, that is a very extreme and very rare occurrence, but, none-the-less, it can get really cold in this state! Just look at the weather we had at the beginning of this January!… Read more »

The Year of the Dog

There is going to be a lot of excitement at the ‘Barn in February! Why? Because the Year of the Dog begins! Sure, it’s not typically an American tradition, but we are up for any kind of celebration at Holiday Barn! Are you familiar with the Chinese Zodiac and the Year of the Dog? Allow… Read more »

Understanding “Survival Mode”

This has always fascinated me… the fact that if you lose your dog and find him a few days later, he may not recognize you! Have you heard of that? It’s for real. I could never understand it. We’ve all seen those videos of returning soldiers reuniting with their dogs…. They may have been deployed… Read more »

Do I Really Need to Groom my Cat?

I had a cat during all of my teenage years. Not once did I trim her nails nor have them trimmed. She only had one bath her whole life… a memorable event for sure. I never brushed her, not that she would have allowed it. She always looked and smelled clean. It’s sort of embarrassing… Read more »

Owning a Herding Dog

The herding class is a fascinating group of dogs, many of which have now become very popular pets. We are seeing more and more Australian Cattle dogs and Australian Shepherds at our doggie daycare as people are welcoming these amazing animals into their families. And they make excellent pets… they are loyal, attentive, easy to… Read more »

How Often Should I Feed my Dog?

Most dogs should be fed twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening — and follow a regularly-scheduled feeding time. However, depending on factors like the age, weight, health, and size of your dog, a different feeding schedule may be better.  When it was suggested that I blog about how often… Read more »

Dispelling Boarding Myths

Holiday Barn Pet Resorts has been a part of the Richmond community for more than 45 years. It’s impossible to stay in business that long by having bad business ethics and client care. We work hard to make sure our guests are safe and healthy. Because of our efforts, we maintain a wonderful customer base…. Read more »