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The Panic Call I received a call yesterday from a mother of four with an 8 month old Lab/Border Collie mix. They adopted him in March and the first thing she said to me when I introduce myself over the telephone is “HELP, he is a nightmare!!” Michelle explained to me that Slash is jumping… Read more »


Knowing your dog is safe while at the Grooming Salon is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts these days. Let us put your mind at ease by explaining the bathing and drying procedures that make your dog’s spa date at Holiday Barn a safe and healthy event. From the moment your dog comes into our… Read more »


By Melanie Benware, Holiday Barn Training Coordinator/Consultant An increasing problem Trainers all over the country are seeing an increase in leash reactivity with dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. Leash reactivity, as I define it, is a dog that when put on the leash feels threatened or defensive when it sees other dogs and… Read more »


Today is Chocolate chip cookie day! While you’re celebrating with a fresh, delicious cookie there will be two sad eyes staring up at you….pleading… hoping… that MAYBE…just MAYBE you’ll give him a bite…or even drop some crumbs! Unfortunately, chocolate is not good for dogs! Dogs love the smell, but it is actually very toxic for… Read more »


There is an article on about people who have extraordinarily heightened senses. For example, one lady has a condition called Misophonia, which gives her an exceptional sense of hearing. Things like people chewing, a pen clicking or someone dragging their feet will drive her crazy. Another has Tetrachromacy, whereas she can see thousands of… Read more »

Man’s Best Friend!

I wanted to see what the internet said about the “qualities of a best friend”… See if the results sound as familiar to you as they do to me: “Friends make life more beautiful …. They add a certain kind of spark to life. You can talk to your friends about everything; share your deepest… Read more »


Nothing brightens up your dog’s face or perks up his ears more than this one word! Treats to your dog are just like treats for us: something special that provides enjoyment and pleasure! Grocery Store Convenience Its kind-of like buying candy for kids… we head straight to the dog food isle of the grocery store… Read more »


By Melanie Benware Dog Trainer, Holiday Barn Pet Resorts There are countless blogs and articles about raising a German Shepherd, living with one or training one. I am hoping that if you are reading this you have done your research and know that German Shepherds are smart, active, protective and require a lot of time,… Read more »


It’s National Nutrition Month! Proper nutrition is not only important for you, but very important for your pets! How do you know you’re doing the right thing when it seems that every time you turn around there is another pet food recall or proof of another pet food company practicing unethical and unhealthy standards? We… Read more »