Dog Training

Your PAW-fect Wedding!

Ahhh… Your perfect June wedding… white lace, fresh flowers, dainty pearls and sparkling diamonds, champagne, poop bags, pretty table…. Uh… what? Yes, that’s right – poop bags! Our little furry friends are so much a part of our life. They were probably there when you met your fiancé…. with you on a few dates… between… Read more »


Want to make a Dog Trainer’s hair stand on end? Refer to your dog as a “Furbaby” and watch the fur fly! Our compawsionate Holiday Barn Trainers totally understand the term “furbaby” as they too have 4-legged children whom they adore. But they are adamant about us knowing why it is important that we understand… Read more »


Obsessive Behaviors Does your dog chase his tail? Follow lights or lasers? Go after the garden hose? Obsess about a ball? Although these behaviors are entertaining to us, they can be problematic for your dog. I do not recommend encouraging them, whether it’s a natural behavior or something they have been taught. Let’s examine the… Read more »


By Melanie Benware, Training Coordinator/Consultant for Holiday Barn Pet Resorts This is Part Three of our series following the training progression of star pupil, Slash! Read how Slash begins the transformation into his owner’s dream dog in Part One, Creating your Dream Dog, and in Part Two, What a Difference a Week Makes. Slash is… Read more »


The Panic Call I received a call yesterday from a mother of four with an 8 month old Lab/Border Collie mix. They adopted him in March and the first thing she said to me when I introduce myself over the telephone is “HELP, he is a nightmare!!” Michelle explained to me that Slash is jumping… Read more »


By Melanie Benware, Holiday Barn Training Coordinator/Consultant An increasing problem Trainers all over the country are seeing an increase in leash reactivity with dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. Leash reactivity, as I define it, is a dog that when put on the leash feels threatened or defensive when it sees other dogs and… Read more »


By Melanie Benware One of the most important things we can do with and for our dogs is walk them, not just any walk, but a proper walk. My definition of a “Proper Walk” is when the human and the dog are moving, side by side as one, without tension on the leash. This is… Read more »