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Battling Spring Allergies in Dogs

We often talk about “fall allergies in dogs”, but I guess I never thought about just how bad allergies are in the Spring too. Poor Rex, unfortunately, has allergies all year round, but with all the changes going on in our environment during this time of year, he’s just miserable! All the beautiful things we… Read more »

The Coronavirus and your Pets

One of my neighbors told me the other day that many people in China are getting rid of their dogs for fear they are carrying the coronavirus. She said they were just turning them loose and letting them fend for themselves. Since then, I’ve seen several reports where government leaders in Hong Kong are asking… Read more »

Do Dogs Feel Love?

Do dogs feel love? We were talking about making our guests feel loved at a recent meeting, something we talk about often at Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, when we were sobered by the comment that dogs are technically not supposed to feel love. Have you ever heard that before? The presumption (I just can’t bring… Read more »

The Poodle

It was so exciting watching Siba, the standard poodle, being crowned “Best in Show” at the Westminster Dog Show this past month! She is a beauty.  I can’t help but wonder what lies beneath all that hair.   A standard poodle looks so poised and dignified, it’s hard to think of them as being “a dog”…. Read more »

Dog Snoring: What Does It Mean?

Dog Snores I was laying in bed this morning listening to the soft, rhythmic snoring of my sweet old man… Oh, no – not my husband! I’m talking about my dog! I love hearing him snore. It’s like music to my ears. I’m not alone in feeling that way… At Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, we… Read more »

Technology Trends in the Pet Industry

Tech Trends in the Pet Industry Dog accessories have become so high tech! It used to be that all you needed to have for your dog was a plain ole leash, collar, bed, and bowl. Done. Times are a-changin’! Just as you and I have to have the latest in electronics, nowadays your dog does… Read more »

Emotional Eating in Dogs

An article in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior concludes that “emotional eating” has been demonstrated in humans and rodents, but not in dogs. It’s a confusing study to understand, really. Although the article clearly states that the “vast majority of the 1,099 test respondents perceived that their dog showed emotional eating at some level of… Read more »


Most people think that dogs are immune to ice and cold because of their fur, but even dogs bred for colder climates may suffer needlessly in the winter if not properly cared for. If you have one of the so-called “cold weather dogs”, a Siberian Husky, for example, it’s true that they are much better… Read more »


Having trouble staying motivated with your New Year’s resolution to exercise? Or perhaps to train for the upcoming Richmond SPCA Dog Jog and 5k? We know of a great exercise motivator! Your dog! True, your dog cannot run with you in the 5K, but he can help you get ready! It’s sometimes too easy to… Read more »