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Dog Training Tips for this Holiday Season

Is it your pups first Christmas with the family, or do you have a rambunctious or nervous dog that doesn’t…

Dog Training Tips for this Holiday Season
Is it your pups first Christmas with the family, or do you have a rambunctious or nervous dog that doesn’t appreciate all the houseguests and new decorations? You do not want your dog to be a downer during the holidays.

Your Viewpoint:

This holiday season is a time to rejoice, celebrate and spend time with family and friends. You decorate to make your home inviting and festive, you bake goodies, you shop for presents and enjoy having folks over.

Your Dog’s Viewpoint:

The holiday season is a time of noise, crazy lights, people, strangers stopping by and for some, boxes that sit on the floor covered in bright paper and bows that you get scolded for bothering! Not to mention a tree…INSIDE….that you aren’t allowed to pee on or sniff or chew!

Dog Training Tips for Dealing with All of Your Holiday Guests

We need to understand that our dogs do not understand the holidays. If your dog is nervous about strangers, noise and changes, giving them a safe place to retreat to is very important. It can be a crate, utility room or their CLIMB. With our dog training program, we teach dogs to go to a bed or object and stay put. This can be used when your guests are arriving, presents are being opened, meals are being enjoyed or even when your dog just needs a break from all the extra kids in the house. Do not force your dog to interact with your guests, know their limits and put them away when they get stressed or need a break.

Make Time for Your Dog

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we often do not walk our dogs as often or we come home later than normal because of office parties, shopping and such. It is important that we remember our dogs need their routine and exercise. If you know you are going to have a long day, bring your pup to Holiday Barn Pet Resorts in either Glen Allen or in Richmond  for a day of camp. It allows them to have a fun and exciting day and when you get them home they are tired and ready to rest while you attend the party. If your dog isn’t “dog social”, they could come in for a spa day and a play time. When you pick up your pup he will be all gussied up and ready for the family holiday photo!

Happy Holidays!

Whether you are celebrating at home or away, Holiday Barn is here to help you make your holidays more enjoyable for you and your four-legged family….it is in our name after all!

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