Monthly Archives: October 2017

Service Dog “ImPAWsters”

Just recently I was chatting with an employee of an exclusive resort we were visiting, and I mentioned that I wished there were dog-friendly rooms available. He said, “Oh that’s easy… Just register your dog online as an emotional support animal and you can take him with you anywhere… That’s what I did!” Can you… Read more »

To Chew or Not to Chew

Here’s an understatement… dogs are big chewers. It’s instinctive, and it’s pleasurable for them. We’re happy because it’s good for their teeth and gums and it gives them something to do when you’ve no time to play…  And they love it! It’s good to provide your dog with something to chew, but it’s overwhelming when… Read more »

Stopping Poo-lution

Probably the worst thing about having a dog is having to pick up their smelly piles of doo-doo. At Holiday Barn Pet Resorts, picking up and disposing of poop is no biggie…you get used to it. But some people are totally grossed out by it. Some even refuse to do it. It’s so annoying to… Read more »