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Checklist for the Perfect Canine Companion?

CHECK-LIST FOR ADOPTING A DOG: _____ Happy _____ Family friendly _____ Sweet, easy-going disposition _____ Compact size _____ Easy to groom _____ Energetic _____ Outgoing _____ Gentle _____ Social _____ Lovable _____ Gets along well with other dogs _____ Loyal Say no more… You need a Beagle! Unfortunately, Animal Shelters are always FULL of beagles… Read more »

Healing Music

We rescued our sweet little Rex about 3 years ago and it’s a wonder he hasn’t chewed off all his feet and shredded his ears by now. We’ve been to a number of veterinarian specialists, changed his food and treats numerous times, put him on allergy supplements, used special salves and soaks for his paws,… Read more »