Monthly Archives: June 2016

Do Dogs Get Bored?

Fortunately, my dog’s breed affiliation is one of quiet comfort. He is not an active dog, but rather a good “apartment” dog, comfortable with limited, calm surroundings. Oh, he can get crazy at times, but it’s short lived. He is satisfied living a laid-back lifestyle, with regular leisure walks full of new smells and new… Read more »

Safe Boating with your Dog

What’s more fun than a beautiful sunny day spent boating? How about a beautiful sunny day spent boating with your best furry friend? Yeah…. That’s pert-near PERFECT! A responsible dog owner knows that there are many things to consider and prepare for when planning to take your dog boating. Just because your dog can swim… Read more »

Military Dogs

Because of our passion for dogs, each holiday honoring our military… Veteran’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day… brings to mind our brave canine soldiers too. It’s clear to see why dogs are such an asset to the military. They have such an awesome sense of smell, useful for sniffing-out explosives as well as enemies…. Read more »