Monthly Archives: April 2016

Protecting Your Pets from Local Wildlife

My neighbor opened his front door the other day to take his dog for a walk and within 5 feet stood a very large raccoon. The raccoon was intimidating…standing on his hind legs…refusing to move. To quote my neighbor, “This can’t be good…” and he shut the door and watched through the peep-hole until the… Read more »

Take a Break

The other day I headed out the front door with Rex to go on his afternoon walk. It was a pretty day. The sun was warm, there was a nice breeze, the sky was a beautiful blue. Normally, Rex is enthusiastic about his routine neighborhood “explorations”… he can’t wait to parade down the street and… Read more »

Your PAW-fect Wedding!

Ahhh… Your perfect June wedding… white lace, fresh flowers, dainty pearls and sparkling diamonds, champagne, poop bags, pretty table…. Uh… what? Yes, that’s right – poop bags! Our little furry friends are so much a part of our life. They were probably there when you met your fiancé…. with you on a few dates… between… Read more »

Better with Age

Older people say that the worst thing about getting old is the feeling of becoming invisible…or useless. They feel they are no longer considered attractive or fun to be with. Sadly, older people are often ignored. This unfortunate reality doesn’t just happen to people… it happens to senior dogs too. Animal shelters and rescue groups… Read more »


Have you seen the movie trailer for the animated comedy “The Secret Life of Pets”? It shows our dogs partying and living-it-up after we leave the house. Cute and entertaining, for sure, but SO FAR from reality. Last week I was away for the first time from my rescued fur baby whom I have only… Read more »


Mom and Dad have been talking for weeks about going to the beach…. It’s “Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen… We need to take those fold-up lawn-chairs …. Has anyone seen my purple flip flops?” etc.  But not once did I hear, “Don’t forget Bailey’s doggles….Make sure we pack Bailey’s travel water bowl… Has anyone… Read more »