Monthly Archives: March 2016


Want to make a Dog Trainer’s hair stand on end? Refer to your dog as a “Furbaby” and watch the fur fly! Our compawsionate Holiday Barn Trainers totally understand the term “furbaby” as they too have 4-legged children whom they adore. But they are adamant about us knowing why it is important that we understand… Read more »

Talking Dog

Poor dogs… how frustrating it must be to not be able to talk. I mean, they do “talk” in their own way, but they are not able to formulate words, tell us where it hurts, let us know what they want… That has to be difficult. The other day I was lounging on the couch… Read more »


Here at Holiday Barn, we are famous for our dog parties: Our Winter party in January, New Year’s Eve slumber party, Sprinkler party, Cinco De Mayo party, Founder’s day party, the list goes on and on… And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our Camper’s birthday parties! Doggie parties are a big… Read more »