Monthly Archives: February 2016

Me and My Shadow – Part II

Last week we discussed your dog’s healthy habit of following you around… your little shadow. Is your dog’s “shadowing” a cause for concern? Sometimes there is a fine line between a healthy pack relationship and the potential for separation anxiety. When I leave the house to go somewhere, Rex is totally okay with it. Sometimes… Read more »

Me and My Shadow

“Me and my Shadow” was the name of a popular song in 1927, and it’s popularity didn’t end then. It keeps popping up… most recently in October on the “Late Nite with Stephen Colbert” show. You may remember seeing reruns of the song being sung and performed by Frank Sinatra and Sammie Davis Jr. I… Read more »

The Pitter-Patter of little Paws!

It’s becoming more and more prevalent these days… people are choosing not to have children and instead, are filling their homes with the pitter-patter of little paws! Many women, including several pack members here at the ‘barn, will argue that they love their dogs (or pets in general) as much as someone else loves their… Read more »