Monthly Archives: January 2016

Dress Up!

Did you “celebrate” “Dress Up your Pet Day” last week? I did…and I couldn’t help but ponder the wisdom of my actions as I saw my dog’s sweet little face “fall” and take on a look something like the faces of the dogs in those “dog shaming” pictures. Was he really miserable? What was he… Read more »

Without Warning

Yesterday while walking Rex, the little casanova spotted a cute little cream colored, female shaggy-type diva-dog and began whining to rendezvous with her. We walked towards her and politely asked her Mom if she was friendly with other dogs. “Oh, yes…” her Mom replied, “She loves other dogs.” Diva-dog began rapidly wagging her tail and… Read more »


It’s 20 degrees outside and you are on the nightly poop walk… Your dog sniffs and runs, then spins and semi-squats…then sniffs some more and runs to another spot, only to sniff, tug at the leash, kick one leg in the air… Meanwhile, your knuckles are chapped, your lips are turning blue…. then, the final… Read more »