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By Melanie Benware One of the most important things we can do with and for our dogs is walk them, not just any walk, but a proper walk. My definition of a “Proper Walk” is when the human and the dog are moving, side by side as one, without tension on the leash. This is… Read more »


There is an article on about people who have extraordinarily heightened senses. For example, one lady has a condition called Misophonia, which gives her an exceptional sense of hearing. Things like people chewing, a pen clicking or someone dragging their feet will drive her crazy. Another has Tetrachromacy, whereas she can see thousands of… Read more »

Man’s Best Friend!

I wanted to see what the internet said about the “qualities of a best friend”… See if the results sound as familiar to you as they do to me: “Friends make life more beautiful …. They add a certain kind of spark to life. You can talk to your friends about everything; share your deepest… Read more »


Nothing brightens up your dog’s face or perks up his ears more than this one word! Treats to your dog are just like treats for us: something special that provides enjoyment and pleasure! Grocery Store Convenience Its kind-of like buying candy for kids… we head straight to the dog food isle of the grocery store… Read more »