Monthly Archives: February 2015


Today we will be reading a fairy tale over the intercom to our guests before nap time! We are, admittedly and purposely, a little “crazy” when it comes to boarding activities, but this one makes sense – for lots of reasons! Intelligence Ask any dog lover and they’ll all agree, DOGS ARE SMART! Science has… Read more »


This week we celebrate “Walking the Dog Day”! No kidding… it really is a holiday! Sometimes it’s hard to carve time out of your busy schedule to take your dog for a walk. We tend to try and justify reasons for NOT walking the dog… “He’s been out in the back yard all morning…that should… Read more »


One of our recent facebook posts shows Holiday Barn Pet Resorts’ Campers Nina and Molson delightfully romping and playing, obviously enjoying the other’s company and companionship. It is apparent that there is a “connection” between the two… each is displaying a gentleness towards the other, each playfully demonstrating submissiveness and trust. Our Camp manager described… Read more »

Get Ready For Your Dog’s Vacation!

It’s not too early to start planning your dog’s next “holiday” with Holiday Barn! Your preparation for dog boarding starts well before you walk in our lobby with leash in hand! If you anticipate sending your 4-legged friend on vacation in the upcoming months, here are some things to keep in mind. Take a Tour… Read more »