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Cats and Dogs

One big lesson we learn at Holiday Barn is how to read a pet’s body language. Body language, or “kinesics”, speaks volumes about how an animal feels. Understanding kinesics makes us more compassionate hosts to our canine and feline guests, and may protect us from an aggressive move. In the wild, animals of all species… Read more »

6 Myths of Cat Boarding

Unbelievable… I just read an article online about leaving your cat at home alone while going on vacation. By all indications, the article was written by what we might consider a “responsible” pet owner, offering preparation tips such as: Leave at least 2 automatic water dispensers; Unplug all electrical cords; Remove toxic plants; Leave out… Read more »

Sun Safety

Sun Safety Tips Avoid peak sun hours between 10:00AM – 3:00PM, when the UVA rays are at their highest. Limit the amount of time spent in the sun. Protect delicate skin with sunscreen. Protect eyes while in the sun. Reapply sunscreen after swimming. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen where hair is thinning.  Keep in the… Read more »

Proper Potty Walks

I see this all the time… and I’m sure you do too. People out walking their dogs, and their dogs are desperately trying to stop to “do their business” but their walker doesn’t realize it. The poor dog cocks his leg, only to be pulled off-balance by the leash. Or he has to drop a… Read more »

Do Dogs have a Sense of Humor?

Have you ever read the book, “Merle’s Door“? Author, Ted Kerasote describes his dog’s huffing or panting sound as a laugh… and further links his “laugh” to a funny human statement or joke. So is his dog really LAUGHING at human funny stuff? He very well could be! Laughter and Play If you’ve been a… Read more »

Doggie Sugar Cookie Recipe!

Ingredients 1 sweet potato 2 1/2 C whole wheat flour* 1/4 C unsweetened applesauce 2 eggs Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Prick sweet potato several times with a fork. Heat sweet potato in a microwave on high until tender, about 6 minutes. Cut potato in half and scoop flesh out… Read more »

Those Amazing Dogs

Fun Phrases Dogs Know Looking for a cute head-tilt? Ask your dog “DO YOU WANT TO…” and make it happen! Typically, it sounds more like “Do you wanna…?” and dogs seem to know that whatever follows is really interesting! Do you wanna treat? Do you wanna go for a walk? Do you wanna go outside?… Read more »

Do Dogs Get Bored?

Fortunately, my dog’s breed affiliation is one of quiet comfort. He is not an active dog, but rather a good “apartment” dog, comfortable with limited, calm surroundings. Oh, he can get crazy at times, but it’s short lived. He is satisfied living a laid-back lifestyle, with regular leisure walks full of new smells and new… Read more »

Safe Boating with your Dog

What’s more fun than a beautiful sunny day spent boating? How about a beautiful sunny day spent boating with your best furry friend? Yeah…. That’s pert-near PERFECT! A responsible dog owner knows that there are many things to consider and prepare for when planning to take your dog boating. Just because your dog can swim… Read more »

Military Dogs

Because of our passion for dogs, each holiday honoring our military… Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day… brings to mind our brave canine soldiers too. It’s clear to see why dogs are such an asset to the military. They have such an awesome sense of smell, useful for sniffing-out explosives as well as enemies. Their acute… Read more »