Pet Lovers

Belly Rubs

Not to appear arrogant or boastful, but we at Holiday Barn consider ourselves to be experts on belly rubbing. Yeah… we pretty much wrote the book! When consented, our guests enjoy regular belly rubbings while they’re here on vacation. It’s kind of like us enjoying a good massage when we go on vacation! Did you… Read more »


I didn’t hear the term “zoomies” until I started working at Holiday Barn. I had witnessed my 4-legged pals with the zoomies before, but never put a name to it. Do you know what the Zoomies are? It’s when your dog spontaneously freaks out… running like a crazed fool… circling like the Tasmanian devil… until… Read more »

Hunting Dogs

Hunting with dogs has become such a controversial issue. Some of the controversies center around the game that is being hunted, but much comes from animal rights advocates attempting to put a stop to what they consider inhumane treatment of the hunting dogs. The stereotypical hunter is seen as having no care or compassion when it… Read more »

Checklist for Missing Dog

“My dog/cat is missing.” For pet lovers like ourselves, that is probably our worst nightmare. Our minds would be filled with questions… Where is he? Is he hurt? Is he scared? Is he hungry… and so on… It’s just unthinkable. Our first response would be to panic. It’s difficult to think in panic mode, so… Read more »

The 10 Commandments of Canine Respect

There must be hundreds of articles online about earning your dog’s respect, or how to get your dog to respect you. But here’s a new concept: I think we need to respect our dogs. I mean, let’s face it… they put up with a lot from us, and they love and respect us regardless. Don’t… Read more »

Pet Parenting Styles

Just for fun… Here’s something fun to do…. Take a look at these parenting styles of pet Mom and Dad’s and see if you can relate… They are a little extreme, but that’s the fun part! Where do you fit in? Most likely, you will see yourself in several categories, and rightly so. That just… Read more »

Cats and Dogs

One big lesson we learn at Holiday Barn is how to read a pet’s body language. Body language, or “kinesics”, speaks volumes about how an animal feels. Understanding kinesics makes us more compassionate hosts to our canine and feline guests, and may protect us from an aggressive move. In the wild, animals of all species… Read more »

6 Myths of Cat Boarding

Unbelievable… I just read an article online about leaving your cat at home alone while going on vacation. By all indications, the article was written by what we might consider a “responsible” pet owner, offering preparation tips such as: Leave at least 2 automatic water dispensers; Unplug all electrical cords; Remove toxic plants; Leave out… Read more »

Sun Safety

Sun Safety Tips 1: Avoid peak sun hours between 10:00AM – 3:00PM, when the UVA rays are at their highest. 2: Limit the amount of time spent in the sun. 3: Protect delicate skin with sunscreen. 4: Protect eyes while in the sun. 5: Reapply sunscreen after swimming. 6: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen where… Read more »

Proper Potty Walks

I see this all the time… and I’m sure you do too. People out walking their dogs, and their dogs are desperately trying to stop to “do their business” but their walker doesn’t realize it. The poor dog cocks his leg, only to be pulled off-balance by the leash. Or he has to drop a… Read more »