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Probably one of the worst things we can do is treat our dog like he/she is human. It’s hard to accept, but our furry little friends are not little people…. they are canines, and have a completely different thought and reasoning process. Understanding the differences will lead to a happier, calmer, and better behaved dog…. Read more »


Wouldn’t you assume that swimming is an integral part of being a dog? If so, that assumption is way wrong. Not every dog instinctively knows how to swim and some cannot swim at all! Most dogs enjoy the water every bit as much as we do but many have to be taught how to swim!… Read more »


Getting a new puppy is always an exciting time. Whether it’s your first dog or your twenty-first, please remember these commonly overlooked issues before your bring that new puppy home! 1) Realistically anticipate the amount of responsibility involved! Many dogs are in shelters today because the new owners just did not realize how much work… Read more »


DOG ALLERGIES AND LESION LOCATIONS By: Dr. Leslie Ann Jones Woodlake Animal Hospital Dogs are taken to the veterinarian for skin problems more than any other reason. Most often they are itchy and that itchiness is typically due to allergies. The text of canine and feline dermatological diseases is large because there are hundreds of… Read more »


The recent cold temperatures and freezing rain makes it difficult to get your dog outside for exercise and play… especially when he doesn’t even want to go outside to do his “business”! Playtime and exercise is important for the physical, mental and emotional health of pets. It boosts the immune system and helps maintain a… Read more »


It’s a new year and some of us would like to shed a few excess pounds as part of our new year resolutions. That’s a great idea…for you and very possibly, your pet! Americans are not the only ones whose waistlines are expanding…our pets are getting bigger too! “In 20 years I have watched pets… Read more »

Helping Pets in Need During the Holidays

The upcoming holiday season finds many of us donating time and money to charitable causes. Holiday Barn begins our Fall Pet Food Drive in October. In December we collect new and gently used pet toys, collars, leads, blankets and towels for local animal shelters. It’s a wonderful time of the year when generosity abounds and… Read more »