Meet The Pack

Michael Hughes

Head of the Pack

Michael Hughes is the Head of the Pack at Holiday Barn.

Michael Hughes has been in the pet business as long as he can remember! Michael is a graduate of Randolph Macon College. He successfully ran our Invisible Fence dealership for 13 years before it was sold to Invisible Fence of Virginia. Michael is now the “Head of the Pack” for Holiday Barn Pet Resorts. You are likely to see him at one of our locations helping our Pack, our guests, or one of our customers. Michael enjoys seeing the Pack develop as we strive to deliver on our mission of “Creating Joy in the Lives of Pets and their Families.”  Michael is an accomplished retriever trainer and is the proud owner of Lucy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, and Tucker, a designer dog adopted from the Richmond SPCA. In addition to working at Holiday Barn, Michael enjoys being involved in the community and is a Board Member of the Richmond SPCA.

Ryan Bretl

Resort Manager at Glen Allen

Ryan Bretl, Resort Manager at Glen Allen

Ryan is the Resort Manager at the Glen Allen Resort. He joined the Holiday Barn pack in May of 2014 as the Pet Care Manager. Ryan has been working closely with animals of many types since graduating from University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2001. He has worked in a variety of animal settings, most recently as the Medical Services Manager for a shelter in Madison, WI. Ryan is very excited to have joined such an amazing pack and to play a role in ensuring all our guests receive top-notch care and services. At home, Ryan’s pack consists of his wife Courtney and their two dogs, Dexter (weimaraner/lab mix) and Dirk (cattle dog/hound mix). Most days you can find them exploring a hiking trail and enjoying the beautiful Virginia weather.

Glenda Schroeder

Resort Manager at South of the James Resort

Glenda Schroeder is the Resort Manager at Holiday Barn Southside.

Glenda is the Resort Manager at the South of the James Resort. Glenda joined Holiday Barn in 2002. Glenda is owned by her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and is a member of the AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. As an owner she handles her champion dogs in AKC Conformation dog shows. She is a Certified Pet Care Technician. Glenda serves on the advisory board for Hermitage Technical Veterinary Science program, and is the National Fundraising Director for the ACKCS Rescue Trust. Glenda has over 20 years experience in executive and management positions in the corporate world. She now has the “most awesome job of her life” that allows her to do what she is most passionate about — working with pets and people in a customer service and quality focused environment.

Dan Stirling

Customer Experience Manager at Glen Allen Resosrt

Dan Stirling, Customer Experience Manager at Glen Allen

Dan is our Customer Experience Manager at the Glen Allen Resort. Dan joined Holiday Barn in 2014 after a decade managing a design and product development company. Born and raised in California, Dan always knew he wanted to live on the East Coast after a field trip to DC in middle school. He eventually made his way to Richmond in 2004 after graduating from Antioch University Santa Barbara. Dan is a proud supporter of Ring Dog Rescue and is thrilled to have found a career where he can indulge his passion for all animals, especially dogs. Dan has three rescue dogs (an Elkhound named Teak and two pit mixes named Pumpkin and Cinder) who he loves to spoil.

Ashley Stevens

Day Care Manager at Glen Allen Resort

Ashley Stevens is the Day Care Manager at Glen Allen

Ashley is the Day Care Manager at our Glen Allen Resort. Ashley joined the Holiday Barn pack in 2012 and before that she worked at a daycare/board/groom facility in Alexandria, VA. Ashley says, “This is the most rewarding job I’ve had. Not only do the dogs make my day better, but I feel truly fulfilled knowing that all of our camp pups had fun and were kept safe by the staff. They are all my ‘fur children’ by extension.” Ashley grew up in Nebraska and takes Classes at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. She is the proud “Mom” of an Alaskan Klee Kai named Saria. Saria is her first and only “fur child”, but while growing up her animal-loving family had a Chow, Bichon (still with us at 15!), Pomeranian (still going at 13), hamsters, and even a rabbit at one point. When Ashley is not at work she loves going to the river when the weather allows, learning new things, trying new recipes, and catching up on her “to-read” list.

Mary Grace Mullen

Day Care Manager at South of the James Resort
Mary Grace Mullen is the Day Care Manager at Southside

Mary Grace is the Day Care Manager at the South of the James Resort. Mary Grace first joined Holiday Barn in 2014 as a part-time camp counselor and worked her way up to become the day care coordinator at the Glen Allen Resort. Mary Grace decided to further her career with Holiday Barn by accepting the opportunity to become the Day Care Manager at the South of the James location. She enjoys spending each day with our spunky campers and spirited pack members. When she’s not leading the camp pack, Mary Grace enjoys being outdoors and taking her 3 year old lab mix, Skye, on long walks.

Schylar Postle

Dog Trainer at Glen Allen Resort

Schylar Postle is the Dog Trainer at Holiday Barn West.

Schylar Postle is a Professional Dog Trainer with over 15 years of training experience. Growing up with a leash in her hand, Schylar started training her first puppy at the age of four under the watchful eye of her father, Jeff Postle, a Training Instructor at The Tom Rose School in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of eight Schylar trained her second dog to compete in AKC obedience receiving her first CD title with two first place finishes and a third place finish. Not only did Schylar spend her childhood at The Tom Rose School, but from an early age she assisted in countless training demonstrations, group classes and assisting owners in training their pets. Before relocating to Richmond to further her training career at Holiday Barn Schylar trained dogs for K9 America in St. Louis, Missouri. In her spare time Schylar enjoys training her own dog Margo, a Belgian Malinois, in various levels of obedience and dog sports and exploring her new surroundings. She looks forward to working with the Pack at Holiday Barn and helping Richmond area dogs (and their families) live happier, healthier, more balanced lives!