Monthly Archives: August 2017

What are Dog Booties and When Should I use them?

True story: My last dog constantly slipped and slid on our hardwood floors. In the bathroom, she slid on the tiles. We kept her nails short, and the hair trimmed between her pads, but she would slide anyway. It was pitiful to watch her walk gingerly through the house, all the while trying to maintain… Read more »

Cats and Boxes

Love and marriage, horse and carriage, peanut butter and jelly, biscuits and gravy, thunder and lightning… You know this game! What else? Cats and boxes! That’s right! Everyone knows how much cats love boxes. You can google it in images and have a literal melt-down from all the adorable pictures. There is even a facebook… Read more »

Five Principles of Dog Training

There are five main principles to always consider when training your dog. These principles are the core ingredients to behavior modification and are always at work, whether training the family pet or teaching a police dog to track felons. Understanding how these principles work is the secret to clear communication between you and your pet…. Read more »