Monthly Archives: February 2017

CGC: Canine Good Citizens

If you are a follower of our Facebook page, I am sure you have seen many pictures of proud parents and their dogs displaying their gold and blue CGC certificates and/or ribbons. You may have wondered what that is all about, but never had an opportunity to ask. We are thrilled that you are interested… Read more »

Seizures in Dogs

We just recently said goodbye to one of our pack member’s dog when seizures from an earlier brain injury quickly and severely began ravaging her little body. Seizures may not take your dog’s life, but they are so scary… for you and your 4-legged friend. Unfortunately, seizures in dogs are not that uncommon. More than… Read more »

Leashes and How to Use Them

Seems trivial, but a leash is one of the most important tools you will use with your dog throughout his lifetime… Through the teaching and training of puppyhood, to the many happy outings together during your dog’s senior years. How else are you to keep your dog where you want him to be, doing what… Read more »